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WRP-4 PCE Powder

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WRP-4 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PCE) Powder

High-range water-reducing admixture powder


WRP-4 is a highly efficient, free-flowing, and spray-dried powder composed of a newgeneration polycarboxylate-based polymer. It serves as a superplasticizer forcement-based materials, offering exceptional performance. Additionally, it functions as an excellent dispersion plasticizer suitable for gypsum, ceramic,and other mineral materials.

WRP-4 is specifically designed as a superplasticizer for high-performance concrete,high-strength concrete, high-volume fly ash/slag concrete, as well as grouting, self-leveling screed, and mortar applications. It meets the ASTM C 494, Type-F specifications, ensuring its quality and reliability.

Special Features

Comparedto naphthalene(NSF) , WRP-4 exhibits superior characteristics, including:

-Remarkable water reduction capability of up to 30%

-Excellent stability, providing an extended working time

-Unique homogeneous plasticizing property, effectively preventing segregationand bleeding

-Effective dispersal agent for various types of cement, gypsum, and minerals





White to yellowish powder

Solid Content

98.0 ±1.0%

Bulk Density (20℃)

450-700 kg/m3

pH (23℃), at 20% solution


Moisture content


Alkaline content


Chloride content



Water soluble

Test Data Sheet

Test Items


Dosages for P.O 42.5

Standard Cement: (wt% of cement)


Water Reduction


Cement Paste Flow


Air Content


Slump Retention   (60min)


Compressive Strength Ratio

1 day


3 day


7 day


28 day


Bleeding Ratio


Shrinkage (28 day)


Setting Time Difference

Initial (min)


Final (min)



For optimal results, it is recommended to use WRP-4 at a dosage ranging from 0.02% to 0.5% of the cementitious binder in various applications.


WRP-4 is dissolved in water and then diluted with water to achieve liquid solutionswith different solid contents. Please note that we recommend a maximum solidcontent of 40%.


WRP-4 provides exceptional control over both initial and final setting times. Thesetting times of concrete mixes may vary depending on factors such as cementtype, mix design, and ambient temperature.


Toensure compatibility and avoid any potential issues, it is advised not tocombine PCE powder with any other admixture unless prior approval is obtained from JSB.

Packaging & Storage

WRP-4 is conveniently packed in 25kg woven bag inner with PE bags, 14 tons/ 20′FCL.Customized packing is available.

Please store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated warehouse, and keep it away fromdirect exposure to humidity and excessive heat (below 40℃).It can be kept for 12 months in the original package, and it shall be put in use within 60 days incase of opening the original package. Seal tight if the opened bag is not finished in case of moisture.

Health & Safety Precautions

WRP-4 does not fall under any hazardous classifications according to current regulations. However, precautions should be taken to avoid ingestion or direct contact withskin and eyes. It is advisable to wear suitable protective gloves and goggles.In case of accidental skin contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If the productcomes into contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water andseek medical advice. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention and do notinduce vomiting.

Formore detailed information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheetavailable for this product.

Important Note

We hope the information here will be helpful. It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate, and is offered for consideration, investigation and verification by the user, but we do not warrant the results tobe obtained. Please read all statements,recommendations, and suggestions inconjunction with our conditions of sale, which apply to all goods supplied by us. No statement, recommendation, or suggestion is intended for any use thatwould infringe any patent, copyright, or other third party right.

As JSB technical data sheets are regularly updated, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended application and that the actual conditions of use align with the recommended guide lines.                                                                                                                 

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